Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Let's see, I am 7dpiui now, so this is when it gets tough. Yes, I so don't think I am pg, but the last week tends to make all of us infertiles analyze every hiccup, ache, twinge, feeling of sickness until we convince ourselves there is hope. And yes, I am starting to do this. I've maintained good self control as I know the supplements I am on are a big TRICK to the body and heck what are the odds the 900,000 swimmers some how had success this cycle when the 30 plus million couldn't succeed months ago....but of course I ate breakfast thins morning then felt a twinge of nausea and here I am. I am so trying to not get wrapped up in it this time....but it is hard!!!!

Andrew heads to the urologist tomorrow and we scheduled a consult with Dr. S for Valentine's Day where we will most likely be discussing the IVF process. I think we both feel given our current situation....it is our only option and I think we are both on board with that. Dr. S has mentioned it several times with our recent MF issues and we tend to agree. So we will hopefully be heading there soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good Sign??

So, on the way home from work I saw a HUGE RAINBOW. It was with me as soon as I walked out of the office and all the way home. Maybe that is a GOOD sign??

Right now, I am feeling a bit crampy. Totally normal, and I think that means I need some ice cream!!!

Good night.

IUI #3a is DONE!!!

So, I went in this morning for the IUI. I got lucky and Dr. S was performing the IUIs so that gave us time to talk about what the future holds.

First this IUI, I had 3 mature follies, so that is good. A's sample was 20 million pre wash, but the post wash number was only 900k....so not even a million. The motility was really low over all....ideally motility should be about 50%, today's sample was at 22% motility. (Mentally, this is what I prepared for, so I am OK with it).

As for what is next, Dr. S asked about the urologist and I said A is going next week. Dr. S said pretty much with these counts IVF is the only option. He asked if there is any reason for the change and I couldn't come up with anything. So, the plan if I am not pg this cycle is consult next month to discuss options (with IVF) basically.

We kind of knew this with the new development, so no surprise, but daunting none the less. I am concerned there will be a hold up with insurance, but the doctor's office will know this more than I will.

Cross fingers this cycle works, but the odds are certainly not with us. So IVF bound we are!!!! YAY, a greater chance of success, so I can't complain...it gives me some hope again which has been lacking for a while.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

IUI# 3a is a go for Tues

Good news on the IUI front. I went in Friday for u/s and b/w and there were several 13mm follies, so we used Follistim Friday night. I went in this morning (Sun) and I have 3 mature follies- 2 at 18mm and 1 at 19mm. This is the most mature follies I've had, so that is hopeful.

I am triggering tonight and we have our IUI on Tuesday at 9:30.

Crossing fingers for a good number of swimmers. We just need one......

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weight Loss Update

Well, things are going well on the weight loss front. I am down 4.4 lbs after 1 week and this includes one fancy dinner out with girlfriends for Restaurant Week. Tonight we are celebrating MIL B-Day so it will be a bad eating night with Macaroni Grill and cake. But I'll try to take it easy and hopefully can rebound quickly and get going on losing more weight. Next week I want to be under 140 and I am thinking I will be happy to make it to 138 by next Wed. We'll see. ;)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bad news from RE and Next Cycle begins

So, Dr. S called back today with not so good news. Apparently A's sperm count has gone from 110 mil this past summer to 2 mil last week. This is a BIG deal and reason for concern. Dr. S wants A to go back and do another sample this week with more specialized analysis and also a freeze of the sample, in case we need it later. Then, A needs to go to an urologist to determine what the issue is.

Dr. S wants us to go ahead with this IUI round, so I am back on my meds. This is Day 3 of Clomid and I go back in on Friday for monitoring. We really don't have much of a shot with A's count were it is pre-wash---since that will go down significantly with the wash.....but there is no harm in trying.

Concerns---A needs a procedure to fix the sperm production and this will cause us to delay 6-9 months TTC or this could move us right to IVF, which I am totally OK with. I am ready to move onto that since we have more chance of success. We'll know more after the urologist and Dr. S consult each other on the case.

Can't anything go right for us????

Friday, January 11, 2008

RE Conversation Part 1

So, RE called last night and talked to Andrew and I both. (This is called Part 1, because he is supposed to call again tonight and you'll soon see why).

He began by saying he saw the report on Wed evening soon after speaking with Andrew and the sample showed no white blood cells.....YAY! So that is good. Whatever was going on last month has fixed itself, but (and you knew there was a but) when Dr. S went to pull up the other information on the sample (like count and motility) he said it looked like the wrong info got put in (like for someone else's sample). He said they have been having computer problems and he really doesn't think what was entered is Andrew's sample--and not because it is so good, but because it is SO bad. Dr. S said he would go in today and pull the hand written analysis done on the sample to check and that he will call us today with what he finds. If in fact, that is A's sample, he still wants to proceed with this cycle, but A will probably need to go to an urologist to determine the problem. And from there we will decide where to go.

I was able to talk through all of our completed cycles and here are the counts for those....as I remember them (and I still need to ask about the 26 Dec sample, but forgot):

IUI#1 part 1- 110mil pre wash; 27 mil post
IUI #1 part2- 27 mil pre wash; 16 mil post
IUI #2- 26 mil pre wash (I think), only 2.6 mil post wash with low volume

So if I get the all clear tomorrow, we are set for this cycle. YAY, but I am hoping there was a mix up with the sample analysis, time will tell.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Protocol Updates

Andrew went in yesterday to provide a sample to test the white blood cells. We are hoping it (whatever it was) has cleared up and is no longer an issue. If it is, he will have to go to an urologist, but it should be treated with antibiotics. Who knows. We'll know in a day or two.

While he was there, he was able to talk to the RE about our situation and the doctor is still totally optimistic that this protocol will work for us. He doesn't even want to talk about changing until we have completed two more IUIs with the meds. He is always so positive that it really helps us cope.

Also, Andrew and I discussed his upcoming travel and he agreed that if he needed to he could not go on the trip in January. Made me feel a ton better and optimistic once again about this cycle.

We just need good swimmers.....so we'll see.

So, today the plan for IUI #3a is 25mg clomid/follistim/ovidrel and IUI!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Weigh In Day 1

Only day 3....but I have already gone from 145 to 142.8.....YAY!!! It just helps so much when I know I am being penalized points for bad eating decisions. It is a key in my eating habits. Come on Brooke....keep it up.

Today is so the day I will finally talk to RE. He is TIRED of calling and not getting me and I am tired of waiting to talk to him. I feel like today is the day. Same time I am totally amped up that Andrew will be out of town when we need to do the IUI. GRRRRR.....I don't know for sure and won't until like right before, but it isn't looking good and I am going to be so disappointed to miss another cycle.

Crossing fingers when I know better, maybe he'll have some flexibility....heck he is gone 4 days this month and of course those are the key 4 days......UGH...isn't that our life and battle.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

WW day 1

I survived my first day back on WW. I was reluctant but I forgot how well I do with the whole points thing. I want to earn activity points and I want to stay within my daily allowance, so it just makes me more cognizant of what I am eating. YAY! I so needed this. My body image is shot and I needed a boost.

On the IF front, RE and I are playing phone tag, so I still haven't talked to him.

Monday, January 7, 2008

So IF has not been kind to my.....

WAISTLINE. I think I am up 15-20 lbs from where I should be, so I am back on the Weight Watchers band wagon. I did it religiously before the wedding and it worked well. I was reluctant, but Andrew decided to join and I followed suit. It is just easier this way and we both need to make some changes.

I am excited and hoping soon I will actually fit into my clothes as many are scary tight right now.

On the IF front, my RE called last week while we were out of town and I am sitting here waiting for him to call back. He wanted to discuss our treatment.....I think maybe it is just a first of the year touch base with everyone, but I am looking forward to hearing his thoughts on where we should go. I'd planned a consult after this IUI anyway and now I won't need that which is great.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

F/U to cancelled IUI

A's sample went off to diagnose the infection on the 26th and as of this morning, no one has called about it. So today I call, my nurse has been out through the holidays...and she said, well the sample didn't show any infection. Andrew needs to come in next week to recheck and make sure the white blood cells have cleared up.

GRRRRRR....is all I have to say. My nurse was like.....you guys can't get a cycle in can you.......NO WE CAN'T and I am NOT happy about it. Something always comes up!!!!! SIGH!!!!

Does this mean we could have done the IUI???? Totally bums me out again as DH has to be out of town part of this month and with my luck it will be just when we need to IUI. Crossing fingers we can squeeze it in before or after.....so AF needs to come early or hold off.........