Thursday, March 27, 2008

Embryo Transfer is DONE

So the ET was yesterday at was realtively easy. I arrived around 11 and downed my 32 oz of fluids (plus some water) for the FULL bladder. At 11:15 they called me back and went over the post procedure instructions. And then it was just waiting for the RE to come in and discuss the blasts and their status. I had no idea how they were doing, so I was anxious. For my procedure, I had Dr. G, since my regular RE was out of town. She said I had 9 blasts still growing and looking great. The best one qualified us for a single embryo transfer (which was our preffered option), but there was a second very good embryo if we wanted to do two. The answer to that (with Andrew's utter fear of multiples) was nope, we'll stick with one and hope for the best. So one it was.

The procedure is much like an IUI or a pap really (stirups/speculum and all)....but you do get to watch....COOL. So Dr. G places a catheter, then they bring in the embryo and you watch the tube pass into position and then you see the fluid with the embryo flush out and into place.

Now, I am just hoping that little one snuggles in for a long stay. My beta is on April 8th.......I think I will have to POAS before then. ;) That is just too long to wait. I think I will try and wait until next Friday.

Oh, we'll find out in the next few days if any blasts made it to freeze. Hoping some make it for sure!!!

Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Embryo Transfer Tomorrow

We made it to a 5 day transfer. I don't know anything about how my embies are doing other than we are transferring at 11:45 tomorrow. WHOOHOO.....I am very nervous!!!!

Other than that, my booty is SORE from the PIO shots. It so is easy giving teh shots, but say 6-12 hours later............OUCH!!!! SIGH, even still hopefully we'll get to be doing the PIO for a long time. (wink, wink)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 2 Fert Report

We are still cooking. We had 21 yesterday and still have 21 today. They said to plan on a 5 or 6 day transfer. Now we have to wait until Tuesday for an update! Anxious.

(Side note, Thursday (Day 6) is supposed to be my last day at my current job....stressed about this all slamming into the same day. I guess I may have to confess to my boss, I am leaving anyway, but I am not thrilled about that prospect).

PIO--I did it myself. And it was EASY. Tonight, I may try and see if I can do the left side myself. I am not sure I'll be able too, but we'll see.

Happy Easter!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fert Report......

So big news of the day is that the fert report is in...drum roll please.....of the 24 eggs retrieved, 21 were mature and all 21 fertilized!!! We have 21 little embryos growing away. With this number, they anticipate we'll have a 5 day transfer (but of course the daily reports will show the numbers decreasing...most likely!). So we are now waiting for tomorrow's update to see how the little boys and girls are doing. I am so pleased and surprised with our numbers so far!!!

Other news, I survived my first Progesterone in Oil (PIO) shot and tonight I will attempt to administer it to myself since Andrew suddenly has to go out of town. Bad timing, but things happen.

Anyway, we are having a great day today!!!!!

Stick count is up to the way

Friday, March 21, 2008

Egg Retrieval is DONE!!

I think I did good. Andrew could say for sure. But all in all the most important thing is:

24 Eggs-----WOOHOOO!!!

I'd say the funniest thing was when we talked toDr. S before the procedure and Andrew asked so how large are her ovaries right now and Dr. S said, well she has a lot of they are each the size of an orange or grapefruit. Andrew was in shock.

The procedure----heck I don't remember anything. I was OUT!!! Getting the IV took a bit and I ended up with it in my hand, which would have been my least fave spot, but it did its job!

Now I am vegging, I feel OK if I lay down, but moving about makes me really crampy. So back to the couch I go.

And we WAIT for the fert report tomorrow. Come on eggies, get fertilized and multiply!!!! I am hoping for like 12 mature and 8 fertilized.....(at least)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Drum Roll-----Egg Retrieval Tomorrow

WOOHOO. So when I went in for my check yesterday, Dr. S was like, when your E2 shot up (tues afternoon) I really wasn't sure what to do with you. So we dropped your meds. The u/s yesterday showed the 12 biggest follies being between 17-23 (18 is considered mature), so that means we should get at least 12 eggs that are mature, but I also have another 10 or so behind and some of those certainly have time to catch up. Dr. S reiterated, we'll get plenty of mature eggs, but to expect a lot of immature eggs too.

He also said, I think we should go ahead and trigger tonight. YIPPEEE.....I got my confirmation call in the afternoon (although I forgot to ask my E2 level) and then I got a call to trigger at 9:30 and be at the Rockville office at 8 am on Friday for ER!!!! YAY!!! We are finally doing this!!! I feel hopeful again, it always helps to move to the next step. I am not sure I am ready for the roller coaster of the next few days though.....pending transfer, but that is how it goes.

So trigger shot......all I can say is..... NOT FUN!!!! I thought, I do sub-qs easily, they are SO no big deal and yep, the needle is bigger, but I didn't expect to be yelling hurry up at DH while he was giving me the shot as I was in pain!!!! I don't think it was the needle going in, but the meds that killed. I am SO dreading the Progesterone In Oil. If I get pg, we'll have to take for like 10 weeks.......ok, why should I say we on that. DH has the easy part. ;)

So excited.....

Stick count, went up a to 44 (since giving blood took 3 sticks yesterday), luckily today is stick free and then we are only down to one a day. But I still think I'll keep a tally!!!!

Also, this puts me in a better mental place for SIls baby who is being born today through induction. It is their first baby boy and I know Andrew is excited, heck he is at home just waiting for the news so we can head to the hospital. Maybe I'll be following behind in about 9 months........crossing my fingers.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stims Day 11--Update (PM)

My nurse called and my E2 has gone up to 1747. YAY. That is nice growth, I think. Since that is the case, my Follistim doseage was reduced to 75 and menapur stayed the same. We are getting close.

Stick count should be 40 on the dot!!!

Can't wait to see if tomorrow we keep stimming......Hmmm....since this morning, I've determined, if stimming and extra day or two means more mature eggies, lets keep going.

Stims Day 11 (AM)

So this morning was another round of u/s and blood work. For the u/s I had my RE, Dr. S which I always like since he ultimately makes the call. Anyway, he again said everything looks good, there is concern for OHSS (although I wonder given my mediocre E2 levels), and then he said, I think we'll try to push you to Thurs. WHAT??? I wasn't expecting that. I am OK with it, but I am also ready to get this train moving. SIGH!

The slower and longer they grow the better and I am trying not to me whiney....I am SO ready for ER and to get those embies cooking.

So if E2 comes back at close to where they expect then we'll keep on stimming!

Stick count: 38 for the AM

Monday, March 17, 2008

Stims Day 10 --PM Update

So E2 is up to 957, just where I was hoping it would be. YAY! I am stimming at the same levels again tonight and my nurse thinks I'll stim again tomorrow, since I should have 3-4 mature tomorrow and 3-4 right behind that she thinks they'll push me anther day to ensure those 3-4 are mature.

We'll know more tomorrow. (I am also negotiating on my meds). We'll see how much I have left tonight to figure out if I need to order more. I am on the cusp for sure.

Stick count is up to 37....

Stims Day 10 (AM )

So this morning I went in for my Day 10 u/s and bloodwork. It went well. I have more and more growing follies.....the first thing the RE said was, you need to stop drinking water and only drink gatorade. This is to ward off Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. I don't really think I have that many follies, but I don't want OHSS and so gatorade helps the body absord the extra fluid!

So I think I had about 20 or so measurable follies, my Right Ovary is definitely performing better, but they both have a large number of growing follies. I think the lead is at 17, so we are getting close to maturity.

I am waiting for a call with my E2 and that will tell us better where we are. I was hoping we'd trigger tomorrow, but Dr. G didn't mention that this morning, so we are waiting. I'd assume trigger will be tomorrow or Wed. for either a Thurs or Fri Egg Retrieval.

Stick count is now up to....34 with tonights meds still to come.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

PM Update--Stim Day 8

Well, my E2 is finally starting to show some gains....481 today, up from 175 two days ago and my lining is thickening up and at 7.4. YAY! I indeed will not go back until Monday!!!

Stick count after PM meds is up to 31.....WOOHOO!

Stims Day 8 (AM)

So this morning was my stims day 8 b/w and u/s....things look good and I am feeling good. There were at least 11 meansurable follies with the leads being at 15mm. The tech thinks (unless E2 has skyrocketed) that I'll skip tomorrow and go in Monday and then start daily monitoring with the most likely scenario being trigger Tues and ER on Thurs. I'd love that, but we'll have to wait and see if the follies keep growing like they should!!! I am getting excited and nervous. It is hard to stay on the down low with all this. My SIL is set to have her 3rd child on Thursday and if I have ER that day then I'll be on bed rest and really shouldn't go to the hospital, which will raise eyebrows. (I guess we can always go the sick route and not wanting to infect the baby.....). We'll have to discuss the plan of action.

Fingers crossed the follies keep up their growth pattern.

Stick count now up to 28!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 6 Stims PM Update

So, the nurse called. E2 has gone up to 150 today, so the eggs are maturing. I'd have liked it to be a little higher, but I think that is a good number for today.

I will continue with the 225 Follistim and 75 Menapur. And go back on Saturday morning. ;) One good think, other than some bloat which is SO to be expected the stims haven't given me any other side effects. That is for sure a blessing, esp since this is stressful and I am trying to maintain some sanity!!!!

Stick count tonight is a grand total of 25.......WooHOO!

Day 6 Stims Check (AM)

So, this morning went really well. I don't remember all the details, but upping my Follisitm and stopping Lupron has helped a lot. My follies have entered the growth stage, YAY!!! I think I had 4 on the R and 5 on the left that were 10 or 11mm. Then 7 others smaller (they only measure only over 10).

We think the meds will stay the same for tonight and tomorrow. But we'll see what the bloodwork shows.

I am feeling very hopeful again! YAY!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stims Day 5

So, it is the morning of Day 5 of stims. Nothing to report other than my CRAZY anxiety. I am SO fearful something is going to go wrong and we won't get to egg retrieval (ER). A couple of friends over suppressed and got converted to IUI and I am overly paranoid this is going to happen to me.

I feel like tweaking with the meds is fairly normal, but it still worries me. I think this is totally normal, but it has made me a bit grumpy today. I am so looking forward to the morning to see if we are making progress. So nervous, I think I will be a wreck and so anxious in the morning. I think by tomorrow they should be developing nicely. We'll see what they tell me.

An additional stress is concern that with the increased dosage.....will I have enough meds. Since it is over a weekend, you really have to plan and it is SO hard to know. I mean, apparently in the vials there is more meds than it says, to account for priming the needle and all, so like last night I'd already used 450 from the 600 unit vial and I still got another 225 out and there is the tiniest smidge left still. It is just an extra thing to be anxious about. UGH!!!

Other news, my new job has come through and I start on 31 March....another reason I need this cycle to work. It will be much harder to do a cycle at the new job......although may be easier than I think since there is a DC office of the clinic, but I'd never see my Dr. again...... ;( That would make me sad. Anyway, that is exciting.

Stick Count---should be 23 tonight......since I'll have 2 sticks with Follistim (come on good showing on Day 6!!!!) Grow follies GROW!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stims Day 4 (PM Update)

So, nurse called and it is confirmed, I will stop Lupron and increase Follistim to 225units. I am SO nervous this is all going to go wrong and get converted to IUI. We'll see how my body reacts to this on Thursday morning.

Stick Count- 20 (yes, I am a human pin cushion at this point)

E2- 74

Stims Day 4 (AM)

So I had my monitoring appt this morning to see how things are going, it went OK. I had 3 follies on right and 8 on the left. The RE is a little concerned I am too suppressed so once the blood work comes back we may eliminate the Lupron (suppression) and maybe up the Follistim (FSH). I'll know when I get a call from the nurse this afternoon.

I go back on Thursday for stims day 6 monitoring. Cross your fingers that it looks better than today!

Stick count: 18 and pm meds still to go!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Stims Day 3.....

So, the stick count is up to 16!!! WooHOO!!! But we are progressing. Tomorrow morning is my first monitoring appointment and I can only hope to see slow steady progress in my follies growth and for there to be a lot of them. Fingers crossed.

A friend posted this and I thought it was genius and I wanted to repost it here (from
1) Acknowledge that you can't get pregnant the 'old school' way -- it doesn't seem to matter how many candles have been lit, whether the mood-setting or the spiritual kind.
2) Consult an army of specialists -- you've followed advice found in books, online or compliments of old wives tales to no avail; proceed to western medicine-staffed fertility clinics eager to sell you services.
3) Spend boatloads of money on treatments with low percentages of success -- meanwhile your friends procreate like mad, remodel their homes, buy new cars and otherwise stimulate the economy.
4) Explore the Eastern practice of medicine -- why not? you will leave no stone unturned.
5) Avoid malls, parks and any child-themed locale -- there's no need to subject yourself unnecessarily to that which you cannot seem to have.
6) Buy a ticket to Denial -- any place is preferable to the reality of Infertility land
7) Declare war on all smug parents -- these thoughtless creatures are to be avoided at all cost.
8) Withdraw from social obligations that revolve around other people's children -- self-preservation becomes essential at this stage.
9) Start an Infertility blog -- express your thoughts and properly vent your pent-up emotions; discover a little utopia along the way, your own Private Idaho as it were.
10) Exit the Infertility treatment maze -- you're tired of running into dead ends; arrive at either successful treatment, child-free living or pursue adoption (in the latter case be prepared for more expense and invasive procedures).
11) Hang out in Infertility Rehab -- slowly attempt to re-engage and co-exist with friends and colleagues and their child-filled lives ... perhaps write a book?12)Fully re-enter society -- accept that you're forever changed by Infertility but know that society, largely, will never fully understand what you have been through and/or continue to battle. (Warning: re-entry can be exacerbated by those who don't give a flying fig about Infertility's collateral damage.)"

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Stims Day 2...

So I am an hour and a half away from my second round of stims---YAY! I am feeling good so far. Andrew is off to HI for work for the week, so it is just me and Leonardo. I am looking forward to Tuesdays appt to see what progress we are making.

Stick count for today- 3

Grand total of 13....and my belly already looks like a pin cushion. It is going to be SCARY by the end.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Stims--Here we go!!!

So, I had my suppression check this morning and all went well. I had 14 antral follicles and my b/w all came back nice and low like that wanted--E2, Progesterone nd FSH. So, I got the go ahead to start my stims tonight. I'll be doing 150 Follisitm and 75 Menopur in the pm and 5 Lupron in the am. I'll go back on Tuesday for u/s and bloodwork to see how the follies are doing. Grow, Grow, Grow.

Past week with Lupron--6

So 10 sticks so far!!!

E2- 24

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Last BCP this morning

YAY, so now I am holding on Lupron until AF shows. It can take about a week, but I am hoping sooner. ;) Not optimistically hoping, but hoping none the less.

When AF comes, I will go in for a supression check on day 2 or 3, this will hopefully show quiet ovaries and if so.....onto simulation we go!

So, come on AF! I can't wait to get this cycle moving.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Caffeine Update

I am officially caffeine free. I weened down over a couple of weeks and I think I did pretty well. My sinuses were disagreeing with me the same time, but it was probably a combination of caffeine withdrawal and sinuses, either way--I am proud of myself.

I am also trying to limit or reduce artificial sweeteners and this is a challenge, but I will keep working on it. ;) Everything seems to have them.

Started Lupron

So, I can't believe I haven't written in so long. I guess since not too much had been going on. Birth Control Pills was the most exciting thing. Well, last Thursday we went in for the injection class. Which was enlightening. I wasn't as intimidated as Andrew, but he wasn't really prepared. ;) Then yesterday, Sunday, I started the Lupron. I have one more day of Birth Control Pills and Lupron and then just Lupron and waiting for AF. She can take about a week, but I am so hoping for 3-4 days. We'll see. I will probably be sorely disappointed and she will take what seems like FOREVER! But once she comes, things will really start rolling. YAY!!!